Cuisinart Sandwich Grill – The Multitasking Must-Have for Dorms, Apartments and Small Kitchens

Make hot, toasty sandwiches, omelets, paninis and more with the amazingly versatile Cuisinart Sandwich Grill. This 2-in-1 countertop appliance serves up tasty grilled treats from breakfast through late night snacks.

The compact size and efficient performance is perfect for dorm living, apartments, RVs, offices and any small kitchen. Discover hassle-free cooking and easy cleanup with nonstick plates that wipe clean in seconds!

Grills Two Items at Once

grill up to two sandwiches, omelets, paninis or other items at the same time. Cook a sandwich for you and your friend or make a double serving of omelets for two. The ridged grill plates seal and grill both sides at once for fast meals.

Even Heating for Perfect Results

The locking lid applies ideal pressure so food cooks evenly on both sides. Ingredients get nicely sealed and pressed without getting smashed. Say goodbye to unevenly grilled sandwiches.

Cooks More Than Just Sandwiches

While it excels at sandwiches, this grill’s versatility allows you to cook:

  • Omelets
  • Paninis
  • Quesadillas
  • French toast
  • Grilled veggies
  • Seafood
  • Burgers
  • And more!

Get creative with recipes that grill up deliciously in minutes.

Handy Indicator Lights

Cooking doesn’t get easier than this! The red “ready” light lets you know when the grill has preheated to the proper temperature. The green “ready” light indicates when the food is cooked through.

Raised Ridges Seal and Grill

The raised ridges on the plates seal the bread and hold fillings inside sandwiches neatly. The ridges also add nice grill marks to meats, omelets and other foods.

Nonstick for Fast and Easy Cleaning

Most foods easily wipe right off the nonstick coated plates. Cleanup takes just seconds without any scrubbing needed!

Space Saving Design

The slim vertical styling gives it a smaller footprint. Lock the lid and wrap the cord to store in tight spaces. Perfect for dorms, apartments, RVs and offices.


  • Dual nonstick sandwich grill plates
  • Grills two items at once
  • Locking lid for evenly grilled results
  • Ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat indicator lights
  • Ridged grill plates seal ingredients
  • Plates wipe clean with nonstick coating
  • Upright and compact storage
  • Cord wrap
  • 3-year limited warranty

With clever multitasking capabilities, the Cuisinart Sandwich Grill simplifies cooking in tight spaces. Make hot, delicious sandwiches, omelets, paninis and more in minutes! The nonstick grill plates allow easy cleanup too. Let the indicator lights take the guesswork out of grilling. This grill is packed with features to make cooking fun and easy for anyone tight on space.



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