Unleash Your Inner Chef with the Elite Collection® 2.0 Food Processor

Chop, slice, shred, knead, and blend ingredients to perfection with the Cuisinart Elite Collection® 2.0 14 Cup Food Processor. This powerful kitchen workhorse makes it easier than ever to tackle recipes from scratch and create culinary masterpieces at home.

With an impressive 14 cup capacity, innovative blade and disc designs, and easy-to-use electronic touchpad controls, this food processor is built to handle all your prep work. No more tears from onion chopping, hand cramps from veggie slicing, or dreading big batch cooking projects. This food processor helps you prep in a fraction of the time so you can focus on creative recipes, not kitchen grunt work.

Serious Power and Versatility

This food processor boasts a 1300-watt motor to power through toughest cutting and mixing jobs without overheating or stalling out.

  • Breeze through chopping nuts, grinding breadcrumbs, dicing vegetables, shredding cheese, slicing apples, kneading dough, blending hummus, and countless other tasks.
  • The exclusive BladeLock System keeps blades securely locked at higher speeds, preventing leaks.
  • Electronic touchpad easily controls on/off/dough/pulse functions.
  • Large 14 cup work bowl handles family meals and batch cooking with room to spare.

With precision, power, and versatility, this food processor helps free your inner chef to be more creative in the kitchen.

Innovative Design for Added Functionality

This isn’t your typical food processor. Clever features provide expanded capabilities so you can work smarter, not harder.

  • The nested 4.5 cup bowl lets you prep small amounts without needing the jumbo work bowl.
  • Adjustable slicing disc adjusts from 0.3mm to 10mm for customized slices.
  • Reversible shredding disc switches between fine and medium grate textures.
  • Supreme Wide-Mouth Feed Tube is over 50% larger than standard to reduce prep work.
  • SealTightTM Bowl System locks bowls and lids securely to prevent leaks.
  • Spatula, recipe book, instructional DVD, and case expand the functionality.

With Cuisinart’s innovative design, you get multiple appliances in one to handle every prep task on your recipe list.

User-Friendly Convenience

Thoughtful engineering makes this processor extremely simple to use and maintain for home cooks at any skill level.

  • The Easy On/Off Lever releases bowls and lids with just a push of a button.
  • Dishwasher safe parts make cleanup fast and easy.
  • Cord storage and retractable power cord keep countertops neat.
  • Accessory case keeps blades and discs organized.
  • Includes instructional manual and recipe book.

With frustration-free operation and maintenance, you can focus on culinary creativity, not complicated clean up.

Engineered to Handle Tough Jobs

This isn’t your typical flimsy food processor. Every component is made from durable materials to tackle years of regular use.

  • The powerful 1300W motor powers through heavy loads without stalling.
  • BPA-free plastic components are shatterproof and withstand wear.
  • Brushed stainless steel housing resists stains.
  • Stainless steel blades stay ultra-sharp and resist corrosion.
  • Sealed touchpad controls prevent liquids and oils from seeping under buttons.

Tackle even the toughest chopping and mixing jobs with confidence every time. This processor is made to handle the workload without wearing out.

Take Your Culinary Abilities to the Next Level

This isn’t just another food processor—it’s a kitchen multi-tasker designed to take your cooking capabilities to new heights.

  • Slice perfectly even 1/8-inch potatoes for gratins in seconds.
  • Shave chocolate, nuts, and cheese with the adjustable shaving disc.
  • Knead bread dough with perfect distribution of yeast and flour.
  • emulsify dressing and sauces right in the bowl just like a blender.
  • Save hours prepping veggies for soups, stews, sautés, roasting, and more.

Having the right tools makes cooking feel less like a chore and more like a creative outlet. With this food processor, you have a professional-grade assistant ready to take on labor-intensive tasks so you can find the fun in cooking again.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Powerful 1300-watt motor handles tough jobs
  • Large 14 cup and nested 4.5 cup bowls
  • Innovative blades stay locked into place when in use
  • Supreme Wide Mouth Feed Tube
  • Adjustable slicing and reversible shredding discs
  • Electronic touchpad controls
  • BPA-free components
  • Cord storage and retractable cord
  • Accessory storage case for parts
  • 20-year motor warranty

With the Elite Collection® 2.0 Food Processor from Cuisinart, you have the power, capacity, and accessories to take your culinary creations to exciting new levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the feed tube size?

This unit features Cuisinart’s exclusive Supreme Wide Mouth Feed Tube which holds an impressive 8 cups, which is over 50% larger than standard food processor feed tubes. This helps reduce your knife work since larger items like whole apples, tomatoes, potatoes can fit inside.

What types of recipes can this food processor make?

This versatile machine can tackle a wide variety of prep work like chopping, slicing, shredding, mixing, kneading, blending, and more. You can make everything from sliced veggies and homemade salsa to pie dough, hummus, cheese shreds, and breadcrumbs.

What are the bowl capacities?

The main work bowl holds 14 cups dry or 9 cups liquid. The smaller nested bowl holds 4.5 cups dry or 3 cups liquid.

Is this model BPA free?

Yes, all of the plastic components are constructed from BPA-free materials for safety.

Can all the parts be cleaned in the dishwasher?

For convenience, all removable parts like the work bowls, lids, blades, and discs are dishwasher safe. The base should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

What types of tasks can the dough blade tackle?

The plastic dough blade is great for mixing and kneading yeast doughs for bread, pizza, rolls, and buns. You can also use it to mix up doughs for tortillas, pie crusts, biscuits, and various baked goods.

How do you assemble and operate the unit?

Refer to the included instruction manual for guidance on proper set up, assembly, and cleaning. The electronic touchpad includes simple buttons for on/off, dough mode, and pulsing.

What does the pulse button do?

The pulse button gives you manual control to chop and mix ingredients to your desired consistency with repeated presses. It works just like pulsating with the on/off switch on basic models but with the ease of a dedicated button.

What warranty is included?

This unit comes with a 20-year motor warranty and 3-year warranty on other parts and components. Cuisinart offers reliable products backed by outstanding warranties.

Discover the joy of creating in the kitchen with the Cuisinart Elite Collection® 2.0 14 Cup Food Processor. With incredible power, capacity, accessories, and convenient features, this machine makes prep work fast and hassle-free so you can focus on culinary creativity.



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