Cook Like a Pro Indoors with the New Smoke-less Contact Griddler®

Grilling outdoors is a cherished summer tradition, but it’s not always possible—especially when the weather refuses to cooperate. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the innovative new Contact Griddler® with Smoke-less Mode, the only indoor grill specially engineered to deliver delicious, authentic barbecue flavor without all the smoke.

This revolutionary small kitchen appliance makes it easy to cook mouthwatering grilled meals indoors year-round. Expertly designed Smoke-less Mode reduces grease and oil splatter while advanced heating elements maintain precise temperatures to sear meats and lock in juices. Say goodbye to disappointingly dry pork chops, burnt chicken breasts, and fish cooked to oblivion. This Griddler delivers perfectly grilled results every time.

True Grilling Versatility for Every Meal

While the Smoke-less Mode makes this the ultimate indoor grill for juicy burgers, steaks, chops, chicken, fish, kebabs, and more, it also transforms into a full-sized contact grill, panini press, full griddle, and half grill/half griddle. That means you can craft practically any recipe—from pressed sandwiches and breakfast tacos to seared vegetables and sear-finished proteins.

  • Grill up backyard BBQ favorites without the hassle or smoke
  • Cook restaurant-worthy paninis, quesadillas, and more
  • Make pancakes, eggs, and other breakfast essentials
  • Sear scallops, salmon fillets, shrimp and other proteins
  • Sauté veggies, stir fry, and other stovetop classics

With the Contact Griddler’s innovative design and adjustable temperature controls, you have the power to cook like a pro and deliver incredible results for every meal.

Engineered for Serious Grilling Performance

This Griddler is built to last with premium materials and components that provide power, precision, and control.

  • DuraCeramicTM Nonstick Cooking Plates:The extra-thick cooking surface provides superior heat conduction and searing capabilities. The durable nonstick coating makes cooking and cleanup easy.
  • LCD Display and Digital Controls:Set your desired temperature from 175°F to 425°F, plus a Sear function for intense heat. Monitor temperatures and adjust as needed for perfect results.
  • DuoControlTM Heating:Control temperatures independently on the top and bottom plates to customize cooking on both sides.
  • Smoke-less Mode:This special preset cycle is engineered to reduce smoke and grease splatter when grilling favorites like burgers, steaks, chicken, kebabs, and chops indoors.
  • Adjustable Lid:The hinged floating lid presses sandwiches and seals in heat. Remove for open grilling or lift to a vertical position to make extra-thick foods.
  • Fold Out Grease Drain:The front foot tilts down to easily drain grease and oil from foods into the removable drip tray.
  • Premium Construction:From the die-cast housing to the sturdy nonstick plates, this appliance is made to last.

With advanced cooking technology and versatile functions, this Griddler truly raises the bar for indoor electric grilling. Now you can enjoy delicious, authentic barbecue flavor 12 months a year.

Grilling Made Easy with Built-In Convenience

This grill makes it simple for home chefs of all skill levels to cook like a pro. The intuitive controls, grease management system, and dishwasher safe removable parts allow you to focus on grilling great-tasting meals—not clean up and complicated programming.

  • LCD Screen:View temperatures clearly on the digital display and adjust between 175°F and 425°F as needed.
  • Preset Temperatures:The Smoke-less Mode features preset temperatures for various food types. Select beef, poultry, fish or pork and the Griddler does the work.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Plates:Both the top and bottom cooking plates remove for easy cleanup in the dishwasher.
  • Drip Tray:This removable grease tray catches drippings from meat and other greasy foods. No more grease dripping on your counter or in your kitchen drawers.
  • Nonstick Surface:Food won’t stick to the durable ceramic nonstick cooking plates.
  • Compact Footprint:At just 14.5 x 12 inches, it takes up minimal counter space but still offers 155 square inches of cooking surface.
  • Cord Storage:Safely tuck away the power cord underneath the unit when not in use.

Simple to Operate

Using this innovative indoor grill couldn’t be easier.

  1. Choose your desired cooking function: Full Grill, Full Griddle, Half Grill/Half Griddle, Panini Press, or Smokeless Mode.
  2. If using Smokeless Mode, select your protein: Beef, Poultry, Pork, or Fish.
  3. Preheat with the lid closed until the LCD display reads “Ready.”
  4. Use nonstick cooking spray or oil and place your ingredients on the grill. Close the lid to cook.
  5. Adjust cooking times and temperatures according to your recipe. Monitor doneness using a food thermometer.
  6. Allow the plates to cool completely before cleaning.

With effortless controls and dishwasher-safe parts, this Griddler simplifies grill-worthy meals at home.

Smoke-Less Indoor Grilling Is Now a Reality

Outdoor grilling is an iconic tradition for good reason—the smoky, charbroiled flavor can’t be beat. But weather, space limitations, and smoke concerns often keep home chefs from firing up their outdoor grill. Now this innovative Griddler makes authentic barbecue possible indoors.

The Smoke-less Mode on this Contact Griddler® uses a specialized heating cycle and plate design to dissipate grease, preventing smoke and grease splatter. That means you can enjoy the same char and grill marks that make outdoor grilling a cherished pastime—without annoying smoke alarms going off.

Other indoor grills struggle to truly mimic an outdoor barbecue experience. Flimsy electric grills often produce lackluster results—dried out, overcooked meat with no nice char or caramelization. But not this Grill Griddler. The Smoke-less Mode is engineered for indoor grilling excellence.

Smoke-Less Advantages

  • Grills steaks, chops, chicken, kebabs, and other proteins with an authentic barbecue flavor.
  • Reduces grease splatter by dispersing it across the cooking surface.
  • Prevents smoke buildup thanks to the specialized heating cycle.
  • Lets you safely grill indoors without setting off smoke alarms.
  • Uses dual temperature control to prevent scorching and overcooking.
  • Requires no ventilation hood like many indoor grills.

With the Smoke-less Griddler, you have the power to enjoy your favorite barbecue recipes indoors—from juicy bacon cheeseburgers to caramelized salmon and succulent chicken fajitas. No more waiting for perfect weather to indulge grilling cravings.

Perfect Grilling Results Made Easy

Achieving gorgeously grill-marked proteins with an even, juicy interior can be tricky on grills requiring guesswork. But this innovative Griddler takes the guesswork out of grilling with features that make cooking foolproof.

Advanced Heating System

The clever heating design provides the intense heat needed for perfect sear marks and caramelization without overcooking food.

  • Heat coil wraps around the sides of the plates for even heating.
  • Adjustable temperature from 175°F to 425°F plus a Sear function.
  • Independent heat controls for the top and bottom plates.
  • Automatic heat adjustments during preset Smoke-less Mode cycles.

You have complete control to dial in the ideal cooking environment for everything from smash burgers to tender pork medallions.

Versatile Cooking Plates

The reversible, ceramic-coated cooking plates were engineered specifically for the Smoke-less Griddler, allowing you to grill, griddle, sear and more.

  • Ridged side perfect for getting picture-perfect grill marks.
  • Flat side ideal for cooking eggs, pancakes, and other griddle favorites.
  • Grooved grease channel and tapered slope helps prevent smoke and grease buildup.

The extra-thick plates provide superior heat transfer for excellent searing and cook food evenly, eliminating hot and cold spots.

Adjustable Lid and Foot

Unlike outdoor grills, this indoor model gives you total control over heat dispersion and airflow.

  • Hinged lid presses and sears sandwich-style recipes.
  • Remove lid entirely for open grilling.
  • Fold lid vertical to accommodate thick foods.
  • Fold-down drip tray foot lets grease easily drain off.

By optimizing heat and airflow, you’ll get flawless results without the hassles of an outdoor grill. Never worry about wind blowing heat around or struggling to reach the perfect temperature again.

Take Your Cooking Abilities to the Next Level

Professional chefs rely on contact grills and griddles to create incredible recipes with enviable grill marks and char. Now you can cook like the pros at home with the Smoke-less Griddler’s versatility and advanced cooking features.

More Than Just a Grill

While traditional grills excel at basic proteins and veggies, this multitasking powerhouse also tackles recipes no conventional grill can master.

  • Panini Press:Craft gourmet pressed sandwiches stuffed with savory fillings.
  • Breakfast Griddle:Make fluffy pancakes, eggs, breakfast sandwiches and more.
  • Stovetop Griddle:Stir-fry veggies, sauté shellfish, cook one-pot meals.
  • Specialty Grill:Char peppers, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, fruit and beyond.

With six cooking modes, this game-changing appliance enhances any home chef’s repertoire.

Restaurant-Quality Results

Serious home cooks will appreciate the precise power and control of this grill for achieving professional-level recipes.

  • Precision heatfrom 175°F to 425°F cooks food flawlessly.
  • The convenient Sear functioncreates an intense 500°F cooking surface.
  • Dual-zone temperaturelets you cook different foods simultaneously under ideal heat.
  • Smoke-less technologyinfuses authentic barbecue flavor into steakhouse steaks, beer-can chicken, fish tacos, and more.
  • The adjustable lidprovides the right amount of press for picture-perfect panini while allowing steam to escape.

Whether you crave a juicy burger or an artful open-face sandwich, this grill delivers superior results to satisfy any craving.

Simple to Clean

From the removable drip tray to the dishwasher-safe plates, this grill is designed for easy cleanup.

  • The angled grease channel directs excess oil and juices into a slide-out drip tray you simply wipe out after cooking.
  • Nonstick cooking plates allow you to easily wipe away any stuck-on food debris after plates are cool.
  • Both the nonstick cooking plates and drip tray can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • The die-cast SmartfootTM base is built to withstand grease and cleans up with just a damp cloth.

With convenient dishwasher-safe parts, cleanup takes just minutes so you can enjoy the food, not the cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Smoke-less Contact Griddler®

Q: Is this grill really smokeless?

Yes! The Smoke-less Mode uses a specialized heating cycle that reduces grease splatter. This prevents smoke buildup so you can grill indoors without worrying about smoke alarms.

Q: Do I need to use special plates or drip trays with the Smoke-less Mode?

Nope! This unit comes with our innovative DuraCeramicTM nonstick cooking plates engineered specifically to reduce smoke and grease when using the Smoke-less Mode. No need to buy anything extra.

Q: What types of foods can I cook in Smoke-less Mode?

This mode is ideal for classic barbecue favorites like burgers, brats, steaks, chops, chicken pieces, kebabs, and salmon fillets. It’s not recommended for greasy foods like bacon.

Q: Do I need ventilation or an outdoor grill if using Smoke-less Mode?

No special ventilation or outdoor grill is required! Smoke-less Mode prevents excess smoke so you can safely use this indoor grill year-round without setting off smoke alarms.

Q: How is this different than a stove-top griddle or electric grill?

This Grill Griddler features patented cooking technology that allows you to grill meats and veggies to perfection without smoke. Other electric grills can’t mimic real barbecue flavor, while griddles only cook one way.

Q: What are the cooking plate materials?

The removable cooking plates are made of aluminized steel coated in a durable, scratch-resistant DuraCeramicTM nonstick coating. This provides superior searing capabilities.

Q: Is this Griddler easy to clean?

Yes! The cooking plates and drip tray are dishwasher safe. The nonstick surface allows you to easily wipe away any stuck-on debris once plates are cool.

Q: What temperature range does this grill reach?

This grill features precise temperature control from 175°F to 425°F. It also has a high-heat Sear function that reaches up to 500°F.

Q: Can this also be used as a panini press?

Absolutely! The floating hinged lid provides even pressure distribution to grill incredible paninis in minutes. Just don’t overload the grill with thick ingredients.

Q: How long is the power cord?

The power cord is 34 inches long. There is also a cord wrap underneath to neatly and safely store the power cord when not in use.

Bring the joy of summer barbecuing indoors all year long with the revolutionary Smoke-less Contact Griddler®. Engineered for indoor grilling excellence, this innovative appliance lets you grill juicy burgers, caramelized vegetables, pressed paninis and more without annoying smoke. Now you can enjoy authentic barbecue flavor whenever a grilling craving strikes. Get ready for some seriously tasty meals off the grill with the Contact Griddler® with Smoke-less Mode.



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